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Hotels Near Rum Point

A Seaside Oasis In The Sun

Hotels Near Rum Point

Scenic Views on Seven Mile Beach

Rum Point may be the farthest north you’ll ever want to go on earth. Located on the north-central tip of the island, this colorful oasis of sun, sand and sea is like a mini-resort, minus the guest rooms but overflowing with other amenities.

Half the fun is in getting there. A spacious 65-foot catamaran ferry will whisk you from Seven Mile Beach to Rum Point for just $5 (U.S.). The ferry sails Tuesday through Saturday evenings around sunset.

When you arrive at Rum Point, the first thing you’ll want to do is order a Mudslide from the Wreck Bar, which claims to have invented this Kahlua-Bailey’s-vodka frozen cocktail, and who are we to deny it? Then choose a lounge chair or a hammock and settle back to enjoy the views amid graceful Casuarina trees. Rum Point also has a restaurant, and servers are ready to bring you another drink or a burger.

Back to the views. Stretching out form the small, silky white beach are shallow waters extending for what seems like forever. Feel free to wade in and swim. You can even go snorkeling right off Rum Point’s shoreline or dock, where you can search out turtles, octopi, coral formations and tropical fish. Other conveniences include changing rooms, showers, lockers, volleyball and water sports.

Off in the distance you’ll see famed Stingray City, where you’re invited to mingle with friendly southern stingrays as they swirl around you in shallow water. Such an extraordinary experience deserves its very own description, so click to find out more.