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shrimp salad

Cuisine Worth Celebrating


Catering menus with Caribbean influence

If Chef Massimo De Francesca were stranded on an island and had to choose only five foods, here is his wish list: Citrus, olive oil, fresh herbs, sea salt and bountiful fish. What a coincidence — all but the olive oil can be found naturally on Grand Cayman.

Fortunately, Grand Cayman is far from deserted, and Chef Massimo is having a wonderful time creating menus for weddings, social affairs and business events. He especially enjoys crafting meals with local ingredients you might not expect: like callaloo, “the grandfather of spinach,” as Chef Massimo says, instead of the typical cilantro and parsley.

Chef Massimo is a big fan of exhibition-style grilling and smoking for large groups. If that sounds like your kind of party, just let us know. Take a look at all our catering menus and we’ll customize the one that most strikes your fancy. It’s not just food, after all — it’s a chance to create something incredible.