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Seafire Green Room

Preserving Our Planet

Grand Cayman's Green + Sustainable Hotel

Eco-friendly is part of who we are

We use our title, Stewards of the Environment, as a core belief in our Seafire persona. Taking our guidance from mother nature while using the latest in technology and creative solutions, allows us to enhance the world around us. Simply put, we strive to improve our Resort, Destination, and Community with our sustainability practices. Take a peek into our Green world at Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa. Just watch out for the turtles, they know to enjoy Seven Mile Beach at Seafire too...

Scuba Diver

Seafire Guardians

Their mission is to protect, develop and regenerate the ocean’s coral reefs. The Guardians carefully relocate and cultivate coral underwater, using aquatic nurseries in partnership with the Cayman Islands Eco Divers. Their efforts continue to make waves, with coral restoration in Grand Cayman being the most successful in the Caribbean.

outdoor lighting

Turtle-Friendly Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is turtle-friendly to prevent it from shining on the beach and distracting turtles with artificial light from the moonlight that directs them towards the sea.

hotel hallway and lounge

Smart Air

Seafire has the distinction of having the most efficient ground-source geothermal air conditioning system in the Cayman Islands which provides significantly more energy efficient cooling than traditional systems.

hotel hallway and lounge

Solar Energy

Electricity is generated via a 143 thousand Watt solar array, one of the largest in the Cayman Islands.


Efficiency Shines

All light fixtures in the resort and The Residences use energy-efficient LED bulbs.

palm trees and ocean view

Drip, Drop

Landscaping and greenery at Seafire grows and thrives thanks to harvested rainwater and irrigation, limiting wasteful water runoff.

Seafire Water Bottle

Responsible Hydration

Kimpton Seafire Resort+Spa goes green with refillable aluminum bottles to tackle plastic waste. Get your free bottle, find water stations on every floor, and say goodbye to plastic waste. We've got your hydration needs covered, responsibly!

baby turtle on beach

Turtle nest on Seafire Beach

12th of June was a lay date for a batch of sea turtles eggs on Seafire Beach! After 50-60 days, these nests will hatch, unleashing a whopping 100 adorable baby turtles. Remember, keep your distance (50 ft., to be exact) to let these turtles work their magic undisturbed. And please, no bright lights or flashy photography during the grand hatching event—it's their moment to shine, not to squint! Together, let's protect these endangered beach-loving turtles in Grand Cayman.