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Hotels Near Stingray City

Crystal Clear Waters + An Experience Of a Lifetime

Hotels Near Stingray City

Swim With The Stingrays

Picture this: You jump from a charter boat into three to five feet of crystal-clear water. As you begin wading or swimming around, you find yourself surrounded by several dozen southern stingrays. You dangle a piece of squid and watch as the surreal sea creatures glide over to enjoy the snack. And as they drift by, you reach down and pet their silky-smooth bodies. Why, you can even pucker up and give them a kiss.

Seriously. People do it all the time.

Welcome to Stingray City one of Grand Cayman’s most famous and spellbinding destinations. Except for the beautiful beaches, Stingray City is the most visited place on Grand Cayman. No wonder. Think of the stories you’ll have to tell after hanging out with these flat, diamond-shaped creatures. Although they weigh about 150 pounds each and are up to five feet wide, they’re friendly animals who welcome gentle interaction with us humans. The bottom of the sandbar is bright white, and the water is super clear, so you can see the rays clearly, even without a mask.

Mingling with stingrays definitely qualifies as one of those we-can’t-do-this-at-home moments. If you’re traveling with your children, it’s also one of those “remember when” moments you can rehash together for years to come—and remind the kids about whenever they start acting feisty and ungrateful. Not that they would after a trip to Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa in Grand Cayman, of course.

Stingray City is just a charter boat ride away from Kimpton Seafire.